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Yasmin Karabasic

Chartered Legal Executive

A rising star in both prison law and public law work.

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Prior to joining SL5 Legal in 2022, Yasmin acquired a vast amount of experience working as a paralegal in a busy prison law and public law practice. She worked on many complex and high-profile judicial review cases and parole reviews, as well as dealing with security category reviews, recalls to custody, criminal appeals and minimum term review applications. She also worked on applications to the Supreme Court and European Court of Human Rights.

Notable judicial review cases included:


  • R (On the Application of Smith) v The Secretary of State for Justice [2020] EWHC 2712 (Admin) – the Court quashed the decision of the Category A team which refused an oral hearing for a life sentenced prisoner. Subsequently, an oral hearing was held, and the client was downgraded after 15 years in custody.

  • R (On the Application of Dickins) v Parole Board for England and Wales [2021] EWHC 1166 (Admin) – this was a successful challenge to a decision of the Parole Board that a direction for release should be reconsidered because of new information communicated after the decision had been made. The client was subsequently released as a result of the claim.


Yasmin began representing clients at parole hearings during the outbreak of the Covid pandemic in 2020 and quickly developed a reputation as a highly effective advocate. This earned her a loyal client following, who valued her commitment, hard work and skill, which regularly produced positive outcomes. 

After her qualification as a Chartered Legal Executive, Yasmin joined SL5 Legal and has enhanced her reputation as a fearless and skilled advocate. 

With SL5, Yasmin continues to work in all areas of prison law, including representing indeterminate or determinate sentenced people before the Parole Board who seek their progression or release and recalls to custody; and she continues to assist clients with their category A reviews and in sentence calculation work. Yasmin also continues to build a strong practice in judicial review/ public law work. 

Yasmin is a determined and passionate advocate. She has an ability to build strong relationships with her clients which enables her to represent them in the most effective way. Clients regularly comment on her honest, supportive and realistic approach to cases and her attention to detail.

Yasmin's energy and enthusiasm comes through in her representation of clients at parole hearings and through her written submissions. Her oral submissions have been commended by panel chairs and expert witnesses. Her deep passion for this work and her commitment to fairness, coupled with her tenacity, and skills and ability to confidently advise clients, enables Yasmin to become an extremely successful lawyer who is highly motivated to make change in the world.

She has a strong track record of attaining successful outcomes in spite of obstacles and negative recommendations. She is not afraid to challenge unfair decisions and never shies away from holding authorities to account.

Yasmin takes a particular interest in those who are serving long life/ indeterminate sentences, and especially those who were sentenced at a very young age. She has been vocal regarding campaigns in relation to the injustice of the IPP sentence; and those convicted serving under the unjust laws relating to joint enterprise. She is outspoken about the need for prison reform and political change and public education.

Yasmin's favourite quote is "Each of us are more than the worst we have ever done" and this resonates in the work she does, where her main goal is to see people gain a second chance and is driven by what is just and fair. She is a member of the Association of Prison Lawyers and enjoys progressing her knowledge and practice through continuous learning. Yasmin takes great pride in the work she does, and her client reviews speak for themselves. 

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