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Our Core Values

Our core values and guiding principles are:

  • respect for legal and human rights

  • fair treatment for our clients

  • high quality representation for all our clients, whether they pay privately or need legal aid

We pride ourselves on our expertise and finding the best possible solutions to our clients’ legal problems. Sometimes this means pursuing litigation to defend our clients’ rights; sometimes it means providing realistic advice and looking for outcomes outside courtrooms or parole hearings.  

We want to understand what our clients need, both from us and from their cases. This helps us to provide advice which respects the individual and does not simply follow a formula.

We have a long-standing professional commitment to representing prisoners and other vulnerable groups. We have persisted with this in the face of sustained cuts in legal aid which have had a disproportionate impact upon disadvantaged groups.

We provide specialist support to disabled people, including those with communication difficulties. We are developing EasyRead versions of some of our pages on this site and will be providing short films to explain some of the work we do.

We care about what our clients think of us. We want our clients and their families to tell us what they like about what we do and where we can improve.

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