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"I felt that with Yasmin on my side I would be flying through our parole hearing"

Throughout my time dealing with this case, Yasmin has been top notch, both as a person and as a prison law solicitor. She showed support and care. She listens and takes her work seriously and doesn't judge.

I felt like from the start that with her on my side that I would be flying through our parole hearing.

The preparation and the execution of the whole thing was 10/10. Even if I did not get my parole I would have given her the same scores.

Last words I would like to say thanks to Yasmin and the rest at SL5 Legal. I wish you all the best going forward, and for anyone going through whatever and needs a law firm, I highly recommend Tuckers SL5 Legal.


SL5 - you've caught yourselves a legal eagle and if I was you I wouldn't let her fly away. I'm just saying...


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