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Private Funding

Whilst Legal Aid funding has been removed for a large number of matters, we are still able to deal with other prison law issues on a private funding basis.

We can offer a fixed fee service for some areas of work. 

We can assist with all of the following on a privately funded basis: 

  • Parole Board hearings where the prisoner is not eligible for release, for example LISP 4 reviews where the prisoner has been removed from open conditions back to closed prison or representation at a pre-tariff reviews where the prisoner is seeking progression to open prison.

  • Recategorisation including Category A 

  • Sentence Planning and Progression issues

  • Enforcing your rights: We can assist in relation to cases of failure to provide correct medical treatment, dealing inadequately with disabilities, discrimination and visiting rights.


It is important you are aware of the correct prison policies and procedures to know whether a decision that has been made and that affects you has been made correctly.

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