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Unjustified recall decision and direction for re-release

Catherine Bond has had a great decision to end 2022 on a high. She challenged the recall of her Extended Sentence (EDS) client from the outset, arguing the necessary criteria for recall were not met. After applications for a rescind of the recall to PPCS and release on the papers to the Parole Board were rejected, the Parole Board agreed to prioritise her client's hearing.

The Parole Board agreed with Catherine's arguments that not only was the recall unnecessary, but that neither approved premises nor a confirmed address were needed for her client's re-release to be directed.

Subject to no challenges during the reconsideration period, he will be released once suitable accommodation has been found.

Unjustified recall decisions are important to hold the Probation Service to account, and act as an important reminder to the Probation Service that they should only use their power to deprive people of their liberty as a last resort.


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