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Nichole Warren secures swift re-release for a recalled prisoner

Nichole's client was recalled for breaching his licence after he travelled abroad. He had been convicted of conspiracy to produce and supply a controlled class B drug (cannabis).

His supervising probation officer suggested in the recall report that he had gone to California because cannabis is legal there and that this raised concerns in relation to the risk he posed to others. It was suggested that there had been an escalation in his risk of serious harm.

Nichole submitted two sets of representations strongly arguing that it was not necessary for him to remain in custody and arguing against his case being sent to an oral hearing (which would have resulted in a very lengthy period back in custody).

The Parole Board agreed that his case should be determined on the papers and directed his release.

He was released around three months after being recalled; a short period compared to many recall cases which can take several months to be resolved.

Without Nichole's intervention and written advocacy, it is likely he would have been in custody for a lot longer.


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