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Nichole Warren

Parole & Independent Adjudications Specialist

Nichole's detailed knowledge of prison systems and cultures, has led to her exceptionally high success rate.

Nichole Warren, Independent Adjudication Specialist

Nichole represents clients throughout the UK in all areas of Prison Law. Nichole first began working in prison law around 2014 and worked at various firms before she joined SL5. She established and supervised the Prison Law department at her previous firm.


Nichole's detailed knowledge of prison systems and cultures, along with her commitment and care over the years, have led to a very high success rate.


Nichole is committed to ensuring that all clients are provided with access to justice and fair hearings. She connects with clients in a genuine and honest manner. Her way of working has helped her to reassure clients and guide them through otherwise stressful processes. She takes great care and pride in her work, and she is committed to building a trusting rapport with all her clients which has helped her acquire a loyal client base. 


Nichole has a particular interest in helping young people and vulnerable clients, and often goes above and beyond to get her clients the best results. She aims to ensure that all avenues have been explored and that other external professionals are called upon if they can assist in finding pathways to progression for her clients.  


Nichole's services include (but are not limited to):

  • Parole Board hearings

  • Recall reviews

  • Independent Adjudications

  • Governor Adjudications

  • Sentence calculation issues

  • Re-categorisation reviews

  • Prison transfers

  • Licence conditions


Nichole's work is legally aided where legal aid is available but she can also be instructed privately. Details of her private funding rates and costs estimates can be provided on request and on receipt of necessary background information.

Nichole is a member of The Association of Prison Lawyers and has written and contributed to articles in the Inside Times prison newspaper.

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