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Lisa Burton

Prison Law & Parole Specialist

Lisa spent six years working in prisons before developing a practice as a prison lawyer.

Lisa Burton, Prison Law & Parole Specialist

She specialises in Parole Board representations (both written and oral), re-categorisation, sentence planning and adjudications.


In addition, she has considerable experience of dealing with civil claims against the Parole Board following the Supreme Court ruling in the cases of Faulkner and Sturnham. 


She has conducted judicial review claims in the High Court and has pursued cases to the European Court of Human Rights. 

Her expertise has been enhanced by her time working within the prison system in which she was able to develop a detailed understanding of prison structure, culture and procedures. This experience has ensured that she not only has great familiarity with the prison system, but is also a strong and empathetic advocate for her clients.


She has used her knowledge to act as an independent witness in claims against prisons for the unlawful use of force on those in detention.


Lisa has secured the release of many clients, many of whom had no support for release from other professionals. 


She is proactive in the management of her cases, with client care being one of her paramount considerations.


She is skilled at dealing with complex parole matters involving vulnerable prisoners, including those suffering from mental health problems and with learning difficulties.

Lisa has successfully trained, mentored and supervised several less experienced prison lawyers. 

She was formerly a member of the Executive Committee of the Association of Prison Lawyers and carried out the role of training co-ordinator, organising seminars for professionals working in similar fields.

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