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"Myself and my family are eternally grateful for everything Lisa Burton has done" - Claire

I cannot rate Lisa Burton at SL5 Legal highly enough. We found ourselves in an awful situation after my father had an horrific car crash due to a medical episode at the wheel and was sent to prison. We were beside ourselves and had no idea how to navigate the situation.

Thankfully we found Lisa Burton and she helped us through every step of the way. We had numerous issues with the prison not taking care of my disabled father adequately, including numerous mix-ups with his medications, etc. Lisa managed to deal with this so promptly and get the situation rectified.

My father was not supposed to have HDC (release on tag) due to his charge and sentence. However Lisa fought this and got it overturned on medical grounds (not something that’s easily done) and my father got released last month a whole 6 months early.

Unfortunately things still haven’t been easy for dad; due to his illnesses, his legs swell so they refused to put the tag on his ankle. They also refused to tag his wrist due to very old scars from carpal tunnel surgery. This meant dad was in breach the following day and was informed by his probation officer that he was to be recalled to prison. We were so distraught!

We called Lisa straight away and she went above and beyond to rectify the matter. She went to the head of the tagging company and with a letter from dad's doctors they agreed to fit a tag to dad's wrist. Lisa messaged and called us throughout the day and evening to check everything was ok and sorted. We couldn’t have got through that without her and there’s no doubt in my mind that without her assistance, dad would have been recalled to prison.

There’s since been a couple of other hiccups with the tag and the tagging company, and again Lisa is always just a phone call away to save the day. Myself and my family are eternally grateful for everything Lisa Burton has done and we feel so very lucky to have found her. My father passed her details on to numerous people whilst in prison and she helped them a great deal too.

Claire Butler


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