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Catherine Bond

Prison Law & Parole Specialist

With 15 years’ experience of the Criminal Justice System. 

Catherine Bond, Prison Law & Parole Specialist

Catherine qualified as a Solicitor in 2007 and began her career in Criminal Law, allowing her to bring a contrasting perspective and remarkable experience to the firm.

She was previously the Head of a Prison Department for 9 years. As a result, Catherine has in depth knowledge of Prison Law and processes within the prison system; she has an empathetic understanding of the challenges and frustrations that her clients face.

Catherine now works as a Consultant Solicitor in South East England. She represents life sentence and IPP prisoners at oral hearings before The Parole Board, as well as determinate sentence prisoners on recall.

Catherine approaches a challenging case in the same way she approached her sixth marathon; with endless amounts of energy and determination, channelled efficiently to maximise performance. This reflects her dedication to achieving the best possible results for her clients.

As a fierce defender of prisoners’ rights, she is able to build trusting relationships with all her clients. 

Despite her energy, Catherine is calm and controlled under pressure, enabling her to regularly attain positive decisions from The Parole Board, even in cases where there has been no support for the prisoner’s progression from The Prison and Probation Service.


She is passionate about helping prisoners who have been stuck in the system for a long time and has guided many to overcome barriers which have impeded their progress. She is tenacious with challenges to recalls and has a high success rate with securing the re-release of her recalled clients. 

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