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On The Run - A Very Practical Guide To Prison Escape, Emma McClure

On Friday 22 September, SL5’s Emma McClure ran over 30 miles through persistent rain to deliver a headline talk about prison escape at a conference in Manchester.

Attendees at Skepticamp 2023, part of the QED science and skepticism convention, were kept updated with Emma’s progress throughout the day, with live tracking and money being raised for the Prison Reform Trust (PRT), who campaign for evidence-based prison policy.

Still soaked and muddy from her journey, Emma sought to address misinformation and common misconceptions around prison escape, and conditions more generally, in her presentation entitled 'On The Run - A Very Practical Guide To Prison Escape'.

This was a particularly topical subject given the very high profile and alleged escape from HMP Wandsworth earlier this month...

From an original target of £1,000, Emma was able to raise almost £1,800.

If you would like to donate to support PRT’s work, you can still do so here:


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