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Fighting to be heard - Follow Up

A few weeks ago, we reported a case where effective advocacy was key in ensuring that professional delays did not unfairly delay the timing of a hearing.

In summary, there were very significant delays in relisting this client’s hearing following an initial adjournment. The hearing was only originally adjourned to obtain further information to be provided about release and risk management plans.

Many dates were proposed and discarded due to a failure to actively manage the case. At the point we last reported on this case, there had been a proposal to relist the case towards the very end of the year. This would have been well over a year after the first hearing.

Thankfully, due to Emma’s submissions, the case was relisted within weeks rather than months. At the reconvened hearing there was a mix of recommendations with some professionals feeling the client should remain in closed conditions despite having already served a very lengthy sentence.

We are happy to report that as a result of Emma’s intervention, the Parole Board have now directed this client’s release. He will be released many months earlier than would have been the case without Emma’s earlier intervention.

The Panel agreed with Emma’s submissions that the client was manageable in the community and that his fortitude in dealing with the difficulties in his case provided excellent evidence of his ability to manage.

This case demonstrates the importance of advocacy throughout a review and picking the right representative.


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