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A short thread about Yasmin Karabasic's recent achievements for her clients, Andrew Sperling

Andrew Sperling posted the following thread on Twitter about Yasmin Karabasic, who joined SL5 Legal in the summer.


A Friday evening shout out for my brilliant @sl5legal colleague @legally_yasmin. Yasmin joined us in the summer. This is a short thread about Yasmin's recent achievements for her clients.

This has been one of the hardest periods I have known for people representing prisoners. Yasmin has risen to the challenges of a dealing with a succession of bewildering and infuriating ‘innovations' by the now departed Justice Secretary.

In the last fortnight Yasmin has had four notable successes.

1. She secured the release of a prisoner who had been recalled for the third time. It was a very difficult case which Yasmin prepared carefully and presented skilfully.

2. She succeeded in securing an oral hearing for an IPP client who had received a paper decision refusing release and any prospect of progression. He has served many years over his minimum term. This was a triumph of persistence as it took three separate applications.

3. She secured an oral hearing for a recalled prisoner who had received a decision on the papers refusing release and denying him an oral hearing to argue his case. Some may have given up but Yasmin was determined that he should have a fair chance to seek his release.

4. She managed to achieve a downgrade for a client who had been held in Category A conditions for a decade, having made numerous unsuccessful applications. This will make a significant difference to him and will enable him to finally start to make some real progress in his sentence.


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