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Independent Adjudications: the Current Situation

We wanted to share important information we have received regarding Independent Adjudications. The Chief Magistrates Office issued the following guidance on 23/03/2020, due to the circumstances arising from the COVID-19 pandemic:

"All adjudications for this week are suspended and all hearings will be adjourned under exceptional circumstance for 7 days. This is to give HMPPS, MOJ and us so breathing space so we can decide on the best approach going forward safely with IA hearings. This is being looked into at a high level this week and decision will be made on how to proceed and I expect some guidance will be made at the end of the week."

We understand that this is a very difficult and frustrating period for our clients. Our adjudications specialist, Nichole Warren, would like to assure you that every care is being taken to anticipate and overcome the challenges presented by the current crisis, in order to continue to provide the best service possible during these uncertain times.

We are monitoring the situation closely and will share any developments or guidance with clients as soon as it is received.

In the meantime, clients should contact Nichole Warren if they receive any specific information from their own establishment about adjudications they are facing or if they have any urgent questions.

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