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"Lisa Burton is a strong, determined women who is fantastic at what she does"

I am writing this letter of recommendation for the legal services provided to my fiancé for his parole hearing by Lisa Burton. He is currently two years over tariff of an IPP sentence. My partner had had three parole deferrals, all due to incorrect paper work, and had had very poor legal representation. We were both feeling very deflated and unsure of the future.

Lisa was recommended to us by another of her clients, who like my partner, was an IPP prisoner. To say that Lisa was a breath of fresh air is an understatement. Within a couple of weeks of initial contact, Lisa had been to see him, and we were given a new parole date.

Lisa maintained contact with both myself and my fiancé over the next six weeks and answered all our queries, capably and effectively, leaving us both feeling very confident. On the date of the hearing, we were applying for release of D categorisation. My fiancé’s offender manager did not support this and wanted closed conditions to remain. Lisa arranged for me to be able to attend the hearing and although I was nervous, I am glad that I did. Lisa had a hard battle with my fiancé's offender manager and the reporting psychologist. Her arguments in cross examination were clear and concise, and most importantly she listened to my partner’s concerns and reiterated them in her line of questioning. My fiancé was given his D categorisation as a result of the hearing, which meant that he will probably be having home leaves for my birthday next year, for the first time in eight years! Lisa Burton is a strong, determined women who is fantastic at what she does and I firmly believe that without her, we would still be no closer to coming home!

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