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"Ms Burton is by far the best representative I have had"

I just want to express my sincere gratitude for the professional service provide by Lisa Burton. I had a difficult case; it was not straightforward. However Ms Burton was constantly on the ball.

Ms Burton's preparation for the parole board was absolutely perfect. She had great command of the facts, the law and was able to keep me calm by her obvious command of the facts, the law and constant reassurances.

The most impressive part for me was when a psychiatric report was presented at the last minute that was highly damaging to my case. Ms Burton was able to think on her feet and took steps to reduce the negative impact of this report, by her clear and rational thinking during her representations.

I believe if Ms Burton had not conducted herself in such an efficient and effective manner, and expediently addressed this issue that was brought to our attention on the actual date of the hearing, my application for release would have at best be adjourned and at worse, I would have received a knock-back (either way, given the backlog of the parole hearings, I would have probably faced at least another year in custody).

This is why I am so grateful for the skill, expertise and professionalism of Ms Burton.

I just feel the need to express my gratitude for a job well done, because in comparison with other solicitors I have had, Ms Burton is by far the best representative I have had.

I would name the other solicitors, but it may seem tacky, so I will resist the urge.

Thanks again form a truly grateful client.

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