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Sara Pritt

Prison Law Solicitor

Sara is experienced in assisting lifers and IPPs at parole hearings


Sara qualified as a solicitor in 2010. With over ten years Prison and Public Law experience, she is able to guide prisoners through their journey in custody but with a particular emphasis on assisting lifers and IPPs at parole hearings.

Having represented hundreds of prisoners throughout the years, Sara is committed to ensuring that fair and effective hearings take place before the Parole Board and has a vast amount of advocacy experience.

Sara has successfully represented one of the first IPPs to have their licence terminated before the current automatic referral process was established.  

Sara has a wealth of experience in pursuing judicial review matters pertaining to prisoner rights and has been involved with a number of leading cases, including Pennington, Guittard and Haney, Kaiyam, Massey and Robinson.  

Sara prides herself on providing excellent client care and has an approachable, open and friendly manner.

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