Our team has a wealth of experience acting for prisoners over many years. Whilst we specialise in the representation of indeterminate sentenced prisoners (IPPs and lifers), we also have expertise across the board.

SL5 - Prisn Law Advice & Representation

A commitment to Human Rights and fair treatment for our clients is at the heart of what we do. We represent people who need to protect their human rights. We help people to understand their human rights and what they can do to exercise them within the law.

SL5 - Human Rights

We have extensive experience of successful challenges to decisions of the Parole Board and the Secretary of State for Justice (who is usually the defendant in claims against the Prison Service and Probation Service).

Legal Aid is available subject to an assessment of means (financial) and merits (prospects of success). 

SL5 - Judicial Reviews

We place great importance upon training and development. We provide external training in our specialist areas. Members of our team have provided training for the Parole Board,  HMPPG, The Law Society, The Bar College, Goldsmiths College, the Association of Prison Lawyers and the National Autistic Society, to name but a few.

SL5 - Training