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Lisa Major

Legal Assistant

Lisa manages vital administrative work and client communications for Lisa Burton.

Lisa Major, Legal Assistant

In 2017, Lisa Major sought a change of career that was both interesting and allowed her to make a difference to the lives disadvantaged and vulnerable people.

Since then, she has worked closely with Lisa Burton to seamlessly manage her large caseload and diary by completing vital admin work.  Her impeccable organisation skills are second to none. 

Lisa Major communicates with clients, taking messages and phone calls on behalf of Lisa Burton; she is always sympathetic and friendly in her manner, assisting clients in any way possible. 

She liaises with the Parole Board and Secretary of State regularly to chase outstanding directions and oral hearing dates.

Over the last two years, Lisa Major has developed an impressive understanding of Prison Law and excellent knowledge of the case recording system, ensuring that clients are kept up to date and always aware of important deadlines and listings.

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