Ian Clewlow

Prison Law Consultant

Ian has over 35 years’ experience in the Criminal Justice System.

He was a member of The Parole Board for 11 of these years.

Ian Clewlow SL5 Legal.jpg

Ian is hugely experienced in Prison Law as he was a member of The Parole Board for 11 years, during which he was an accredited Chair for Oral Hearings. He was a Panel Member in hundreds of cases which has given him a very detailed knowledge of how the Parole Board works and the way in which Parole Board Members make decisions. 

Since becoming a Prison Law Consultant, he has brought his expertise to the benefit of prisoners who are applying to The Parole Board for release.

His previous position as a Probation Officer and Senior Probation Manager means that Ian has invaluable knowledge and sharp reasoning skills so that he can comprehensively challenge the accuracy of risk assessments made by Probation Officers (Offender Managers) on behalf his clients.

He is a member of The Association of Prison Lawyers and The Academy for Social Justice. He has trained Probation Officers in the skills required to present evidence at Oral Hearings. He is based in the South West of England.

Ian’s inside knowledge of prison procedures and Oral Hearings is a great advantage; it ensures that Lifer and IPP prisoners achieve the best possible result from their hearings. He has an extremely high success rate.

Ian’s unique experience and open, approachable manner allows him to develop a strong, professional rapport with his clients. He approaches difficult situations with great enthusiasm. He welcomes the challenge of recall cases and firmly believes that recall is used too frequently and often unnecessarily. He provides realistic and pragmatic advice whilst always being willing to challenge evidence in appropriate cases.

Ian is also experienced in representing prisoners who have been convicted of sexual offences. He recognises that these cases require sensitivity, experience and persistence. He has helped many such prisoners to progress, sometimes in the face of long-standing obstacles.

He recently represented a prisoner who had over 250 pages of Security Intelligence against them in their dossier. Ian effectively challenged the reliability of this material and cross examined the Head of Security at the Oral Hearing about the validity of the entries. Ian was successful, securing a release decision from The Parole Board on behalf of his client.