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Chris Mould

Prison Law Consultant

Chris has 20 years’ experience working in Prison Law.

Chris Mould, Prison Law Consultant

Chris is a freelance Prison Law Consultant based in the Midlands; he concentrates on representing prisoners in this region. 

Chris is a specialist parole advocate with a wealth of knowledge and invaluable experience in prison law. He specialises in assisting, advising and representing:


  • Indeterminate sentenced prisoners

  • Determinate sentenced prisoners, particularly those subject to recall

His sharp and logical approach to complex cases and exceptional work ethic saw him represent over 60 prisoners at their Oral Parole Board Hearings in 2019.

Chris focuses on building positive relationships with clients; his commitment to them is illustrated by his aim to assist prisoners throughout their sentence until their eventual release. He has an impressively high success rate. 

He has a specific interest and ample experience in representing vulnerable prisoners; particularly people with cognitive impairments, learning disabilities and the elderly whom can often be disadvantaged by the prison system. 

Chris has successfully assisted clients in gaining compensation for delays incurred in their cases. 

Recently, he has challenged cases through the new reconsideration process, adopted by The Parole Board, demonstrating adaptability in an ever-evolving area of law.

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