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Amy Hossack

Prison Law Solicitor

Amy is extremely experienced in parole matters, re-categorisation and independent adjudications. 

Amy Hossack, Prison Law Solicitor

Amy is an experienced and well known prison law solicitor who has represented many clients in a wide variety of issues including parole matters, re-categorisation matters, and independent adjudications.

She is particularly experienced in representing clients at oral hearings before the Parole Board, whether they be lifers, IPP's, extended sentenced prisoners or indeterminate and determinate sentenced prisoners who are subject to recall. 


In addition, Amy has significant experience in advising and assisting prisoners at their Category A Reviews (and high escape risk reviews), with a good success rate at seeing prisoners progress out of the high secure estate. 

Amy has worked in the North East all of her professional career, covering the North East and Yorkshire across to the North West, although she has covered cases across the country and is able to assist you wherever you may be located. 

Amy prides herself in client care and actively manages her cases, ensuring clients and their families are updated with what is going on.  For this reason she finds that clients and their families often recommend her to others and so she is able to assist as many people as possible. 

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