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Time for change Sex offender work in prison: fit for purpose? Inside Time

Let’s say you are a prisoner who has been convicted of sexual offences. You have done all that you can to change your behaviour. You are waiting for a Parole Board Review. You find out that there is a 33% chance that your risk assessment was wrong or incomplete; that in 40% of cases the National Probation Service is not doing any work to address sexual offending behaviour and that much of the work delivered with sexual offenders in prison is assessed as ‘poor quality’ by the Joint Inspectorates of Probation and Prison. You might think that the chances of you getting a fair and effective parole review are not good. Remarkably, this is the finding of the Inspectorate Report from HM Prison and

Parole decisions reconsidered – New mechanism may lead to a rocky road ahead - Inside Time

The Ministry of Justice has announced that there will be a new review process to challenge Parole Board decisions termed the Reconsideration Mechanism. This is a worrying development for prisoners serving indeterminate and extended sentences. When it comes into effect – and there is no definite date for this yet – there will be two inevitable results. A prisoner who has had a release decision from the Parole Board will no longer know for certain that they are to be released. In every case (for indeterminate and extended sentenced prisoners) there will be a period of 21 days in which it will be possible for that decision to be challenged. Prisoners will not be released during this period. Thi


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