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Supreme Court:  N (Appellant) v ACCG and others (Respondents) [2017] UKSC 22

This was an appeal to the Supreme Court by the parents of N, a profoundly disabled man, now in his twenties who was living in a care home funded by a clinical commissioning group. The dispute centred upon whether N could visit the family home and whether his mother could assist care home staff with his intimate care when she was visiting him there. The appeal was dismissed but resulted in important guidance from the Supreme Court regarding the powers of the Court of Protection. SL5 Team Member: Andrew Sperling Link:

Staff Blog: The long and winding road to prison reform - Kushal Sood on The Prisons and Courts Bill

It is with trepidation that I write this blog - my profession has been marked out, by the no doubt objectively minded Member of Parliament for Shipley, as being ill-equipped in our ability to reflect public opinion. I derive confidence from the response given by the Chair of the Justice Select Committee, at whom the derogatory comment was aimed. He suggested that in his 30 years as a criminal lawyer, he will have seen a broader cross-section of society than the Member for Shipley had down the bookies, a place where I can only assume the latter spends a great deal of his time. This testy exchange was a rarity during the broadly consensual 2nd reading of the Prisons & Courts Bill, which passed


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