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Staff Blog: When you ain’t got nothing, you got nothing to lose: the aftermath of the riot at HMP Bi

Thirty six years ago in the spring of 1990, the biggest riot in UK prison history took place at HMP Manchester. The riot included a twenty-five day roof top protest that involved 142 prisoners and events that resulted in the death of two inmates and the injury of 47 prisoners and 147 prison officers. The disturbance started after prisoners felt that their complaints about conditions and how they were treated were being ignored or ineffectively investigated by staff. A reporter from the Manchester Evening News was addressed by the prisoners who highlighted their concerns, which included a need for prison officers to control the use of drugs in prisons, an improvement in food and general condi

Client Testimonial: "Lisa Burton is a strong, determined women who is fantastic at what she doe

I am writing this letter of recommendation for the legal services provided to my fiancé for his parole hearing by Lisa Burton. He is currently two years over tariff of an IPP sentence. My partner had had three parole deferrals, all due to incorrect paper work, and had had very poor legal representation. We were both feeling very deflated and unsure of the future. Lisa was recommended to us by another of her clients, who like my partner, was an IPP prisoner. To say that Lisa was a breath of fresh air is an understatement. Within a couple of weeks of initial contact, Lisa had been to see him, and we were given a new parole date. Lisa maintained contact with both myself and my fiancé over


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