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Staff Blog: The slow death of the IPP sentence

There is a point when momentum becomes irresistible. When I listened to Nick Hardwick speaking about IPP prisoners at the Great Expectations event last week, it struck me that we may finally have reached that point for IPP prisoners. The ‘IPP problem’ has been calling for a solution for several years but politicians and policy-makers have continued to treat it like a hot potato. Very few politicians have the courage to associate themselves with a law change which allows prisoners to be released earlier than they may otherwise have been. They know that they face the risk of being slaughtered by the press, particularly tabloid newspapers, if something goes wrong and a prisoner who has been rel

Staff Blog: Which Truss will we get in the Ministry of Justice?

Truss – meaning: “a framework, typically consisting of rafters, posts, and struts, supporting a roof, bridge, or other structure.” ” to tie the arms and legs of someone together tightly and roughly with rope to prevent them from moving or escaping” It sometimes seemed like there were two Michael Goves. The compassionate, sensible, consultative penal reformer in the Ministry of Justice and the expert-hating, Turkey-baiting campaigner in the Ministry of Leavers. Now Mr Gove really has left the building, what can we expect from his successor? Liz Truss – Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice Remarkably, she is the first ever female Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice


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