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Another blow by the don’t care society, Inside Time

Earlier this month, the Ministry of Justice made great play of the ‘compromise deal’ it had thrashed out with the Law Society on criminal legal aid. The ‘lowest bidder’ tendering model for criminal law services has been abandoned. This is, of course, welcome news but hidden behind the fanfare was terrible news for prisoners and ordinary people who want to protect their legal rights to hold public bodies to account in the future. The government has confirmed that it is planning to plough ahead with savage legal aid cuts for prisoners. They intend to remove access to legal aid for everything other than parole release cases, disciplinary hearings before a Judge and ‘pure’ sentence calculation c

Managing risk, Inside Time

The Parole Board welcomes the publication of the Joint Inspectorate Report on Life Sentence Prisoners as it sheds light on the challenging work undertaken with some of the most serious offenders. The Parole Board will only direct that a Life Sentence Prisoner should be released when it is satisfied that it is no longer necessary for the protection of the public that the prisoner should be confined. The Parole Board is sometimes asked to make a recommendation on an offender’s suitability for a move from closed to open conditions. In these cases, the Parole Board considers the offender’s risk of committing further offences, their risk of absconding, the likelihood that they will comply with th


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